Tire Rotation and Balancing

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Tire rotation is a necessary part of tire maintenance. According to industry experts, tires should be rotated after a maximum of 10,000 km. Rotating your tires helps ensure even wear on all four tires, since acceleration, cornering, braking, and engine weight can all cause the front tires to wear faster than the rear ones.

There are several tire rotation methods that take into account the type of tread pattern (directional, symmetrical, or asymmetrical) and the size of the front and rear tires, which can differ. Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician can determine the correct method and rotate your vehicle’s tires accordingly.

Wheel balancing is necessary in order to avoid vibrations, “wheel hop,” and premature tire wear, in addition to keeping your car driving smoothly. Wheel balancing is usually done when you get your tires changed in the spring and fall. If the second set of rims is used, your certified NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centre South Surrey technician will recommend getting your wheels balanced every year. Your technician can also determine which type of weights work best for balancing, depending on whether you have metal or alloy rims. A new set of tires should be balanced when they are installed on your vehicle.