Windshield Wipers

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When it comes to safety, windshield wiper blades are often neglected. And yet drivers make driving decisions based on what they see on the road. When weather conditions worsen, windshield wiper blades play a critical role in allowing drivers to see the road clearly.

Over the course of the year, wiper blades are subjected to intense heat and cold, rain, snow, and sleet. The rubber deteriorates and the blades become less flexible, leaving streaks or even scratches on the windshield, to say nothing of the beating they take when you scrape snow and ice off the glass!

That’s why it’s recommended that you change your windshield wiper blades every year. A certified NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centre South Surrey technician can inspect your wiper blades and recommended the right size of replacement blades for your vehicle. They can also replace them—a job that’s not always easy for drivers.

There are some great seasonal products you can get installed, like conventional, winter, or hybrid windshield wiper blades.